November 10, 2016


Review The Financial Need of Your Company


When we first meet with you, we help you figure out exactly where you are with your cash flow. Here we look at where your record keeping is currently, evaluate the immediate need of your company, and discuss how to address those needs.

We can recommend systems for streamlining your financial organization, protect against omissions and errors, and provide cost savings. We will keep processes and people who are working, and make written recommendations on what to implement. We will ensure your company is GAAP and labor compliant.

Recommend Changes


Implement Changes

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We assess the current processes with an eye for what is working and what is not. We look at who is working for you and how they are working. We can evaluate if you have the right person doing the job right. We can implement those processes for you. We are connected with trained professionals who can document and implement these structures for your company. We will work with your staff to implement new structures, and monitor on an ongoing basis.

Every feel like your CPA or Tax accountant is speaking a different language? We often serve as interpreters between you and them  We break down the accounting language into terms business owners understand.  We specialize in the language of small business and understand what works for your company is different than what may work for another company.

Work With Your Accounting Team

Sole Proprietor, LLC, LLP,
S Corporation, C Corporation

If your not sure how to structure your company, we will help you with the best option for you.  We meet with you, learn about your business, income, liability exposure, and help you make the right decision for you.  We are partnered with CorpNet to provide accurate company registration and compliance.